67th Infantry Day Celebrations


The 67th Infantry Day Celebrations will be held on 27 Oct 13. It was on this momentous day in 1947, when the princely State of Jammu and Kashmir was under attack by the tribal raiders supported by the troops of the newly formed Pakistani Army, that the first Infantry contingent of Indian Army, the troops of the First Sikh Infantry Battalion, landed at Srinagar Airfield and fought a courageous battle to liberate the Kashmir valley from intruders. To commemorate this gallant action by the infantry, October 27 is celebrated as the Infantry Day.
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Army Training Command Celebrates Its 23rd Raising Day

Army Training Command ARTRAC

“Train the Indian Army for war, and prepare it to win future conflicts” was the vision set for the Army Training Command (ARTRAC) at the time of its raising on 01 Oct 1991. Over the past two decades, ARTRAC has come a long way, with a constant endeavour towards the pursuit of excellence in the Art and Science of Warfare. Earlier established at Mhow in Central India in 1991, ARTRAC traveled to the Queen of Hills, Shimla in March 1993, where it has stayed ever since.

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