Indo – France Joint Exercise Shakti 2013

Soldiers of Indian Army carrying out house intervention operations along with their French Counterparts

The second major military exercise between Indian Army and French Army, EXERCISE SHAKTI-13 has moved into the ‘Tactical Phase’ after a week-long ‘Orientation Phase’. In the past week, the troops of the Indian Army Contingent belonging to 5th Battalion, The Kumaon Regiment underwent various modules acclimatizing themselves to the terrain, equipment and procedures followed by the French Army.
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The Battles of Tololing and Point 4875

Battle of tololing

By the first week of May 99, it had become clear to the Indian Army that Pakistani intruders were occupying a number of important Indian heights in the Dras, Kargil and Batalik Sectors. In the Dras sector, well entrenched enemy soldiers were directing precise artillery fire onto the Srinagar-Leh highway from Tololing. Due to the domination of the feature, it was vital to capture this Complex at the earliest, both to prevent interdiction of the highway and also to act as a launch pad for further operations. On 20 May, 18 GRENADIERS was tasked to recapture Tololing.
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The Last Post

Indian Army Lady officers

If you have ever been to a military funeral, you would remember ‘The Last Post’ which was played. This note of mine may bring out a new meaning of it and it is surely something which everybody should know. Some of us may have heard the song, ‘The Last Post’. It’s a song that gives me a lump in the throat and usually tears in my eyes.

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